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As we move forward, we are still actively searching for new property and are pursuing every option.  Anchoring in the community with our own space will give us a chance to focus on the second half of our vision, which is to empower people living in distress. We have been gathering information and ideas from the community on what we need in our new center and one of the things we are so grateful for about our current season is that it has allowed us to become laser-focused on what the need is and how we meet it in the most empowering way possible. In a season that could have distracted us, we feel more focused than ever.  I would encourage you if you support us in any way through finances, prayer, volunteering– would you consider showing up to one of our new expanded community nights on Mondays and Thursdays? To meet the growing need, we grew our very successful Wednesday Community night, and we need more people to step up and lead these nights! Or join us this Saturday for Dream Streets, more info below.
TJ Fletcher, Executive Director

June 30th marked the final day at our previous location, 4007 Delaware Avenue. We had been under a lease agreement for the past five years that, as of Summer 2018, was no longer available to us. The good news is the West Nashville Dream Center has never been about a building; just people. We are excited about the ability to grow and create new opportunities for our programs. All of our ministries have gone mobile for the time being as we work hard to secure a permanent home.

You can read the full letter we sent to our partners here: anchored

We will continue to post updates as we have them in regards to a permanent location, how you can support us financially and continue to partner with us through serving. To find out about the serving opportunities 7 days a week at our center visit OUR PROGRAMS and/or SERVE. To give to the dream, visit GIVE.